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Liverpool, Merseyside, United Kingdom
An all day extraveganza for rockabillys, Teddy Boys & Girls, burlesque fans and all vintage obsessed lovelies. Featuring some of the finest rock n rollers in the land including the fantastic Furious (hear those Teddy Boys Roar) top Rockabilly band Red Hot Trio and the brilliant Smoking Lucifers-More bands to be confirmed. In between the music we will be showcasing some of the North Wests finest Burlesque performers as we crown Miss Rock n Roll Burlesque. www.bopalena.co.uk


Furious are the toughest, possibly the youngest and definately the most no-holds-barred-rockers on the block! No other band compares! They deserve our undying respect as they are the real deal - Now Dig This Magazine


After a couple of years getting their sound together, playing in all the local heavy rock clubs around Liverpool, they signed a deal in 2007 with Nervous Records to record an EP and one album. Their own brand of raucous rockabilly caused such a stir across Britain, Roy Williams at Nervous Records quickly signed them up, beating off competition from a lot of other labels interested at that time.

Since then Furious have quickly become one of the UK’s pioneers of the modern rockabilly boom and also the soundtrack to the cult buckfast generation. (Which began when the ASBO Shuffle started to get played at Liverpool’s Anfield football ground!). They have been entered into the Rockabilly Hall of Fame after one of their infamous live shows and have even starred on MTV as ambassadors for the Liverpool music scene.

I remember the early days of Crazy Cavan and was even hangin' around the Marquee Club and like places when Punk exploded, but NOTHING is as wild and mental as this lot! - Roy Williams, Nervous Records.


 They just released their new Album Wreck the Hoose Juice!  

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