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Sunday, 20 February 2011

Bop a Lena at BBC Radio Merseyside

The lovely Billy Butler asked Betty, Lilly and Lena to come onto his show to chat about their event happening on May 1st - Bopalena.
The fantastic Furious were also in the studio doing an acoustic set so for a few hours the reception of radio Merseyside had a little rock n roll flavour!
We were all very excited getting dressed and dolled up at 8 o clock in the morning!
Yes, people did look at us funny, but if you look good you feel good!

.We were sitting in the Green Room drinking Coffee and listening to Furious acoustic set which they were practising for the Live Show.
It got us in the Rock n Roll party mood for our interview!
When Furious were on we were listening to them and singing along to their songs
and suddenly it was our turn!

It was very surreal and exciting, Billy was a charmer and welcomed us warmly.
Thank God we had Betty with us as she has got the gift of the gab and she talked Billy through the Day and all the information whilst Lilly and Lena sat there looking glam with smiles on their faces too nervous to talk.

 Billy even asked us for a Photograph with him! Strangely he didn't want one of the Furious boys, why is that :D

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  1. Love this blog-making me even more excited about he evnt now xx