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Thursday, 24 March 2011

Interview with Roy Williams from Nervous Records!

    Hello Roy :)

Hello Lena,

You have been into the Rock n Roll scene for a few years now, are the well known owner of
the Record Label Nervous Records and have just signed some great new Rock n Roll Bands,
A FEW years! Since there has BEEN a rock'n'roll scene in London - about 1970.....

how and when did you discover Rock n Roll for yourself?
When I was a boy, we heard a few things on the radio. My Dad didn't like it and told me that our radio
couldn't receive Radio Luxembourg (where all the good music was). I knew he was lying.
My next door neighbour had a record player and I heard it there. We didn't have a TV, but we used to all
go to the back room of the village pub to watch 6-5 Special. The the family moved back to Wales, and we had no electricity!

Later on we moved into the town (Aberystyth) and got a TV. There was a programme in the 1960's in Wales called 'Discs-a-gogo' and every week there was a spot where 'Breathless Dan' Coffey would get up and dance. He had the most outrageous clothes and I thought - "I am not alone".

Later I heard a radio programme about rock'n'roll fans in London, so I decided to move to London.

Did  Rock n Roll always have a big part in your life?
Of course. I like many styles of music, but rock'n'roll is the only one that gets the adrenalin moving!

 When did you start Djing?
About 1971. I did my first gig in a pub called The Swan in Kingston, Surrey. I liked it and bought some equipment and started DJ-ing in the upstairs room of The Black Raven.

What made you want to start your own Music label?
I made a hit out of a record called 'Jungle Rock' in 1976 and got interested in the music business. Then I saw what Ronny Weiser was doing in America with 'Rollin' Rock Records' and that inspired me.

Who was your first signed act?
The Jets were the first band where Nervous did the publishing, followed by The Polecats where we did the publishing and released our first record.

What were the most interesting or big Bands you worked with?
They are all interesting in their own ways. To ask me that is like asking a parent which is their favourite child. You can't answer.

Tell me about your latest Projects!
My latest 'project' is to continue to add to our catalogue and to promote our music into films and TV adverts.

Are there any big changes you have noticed in the Rock n Roll scene over the years?
Yes. Sadly it's become rather 'fragmented'. It would be nice to 'pull it all back together' again...

If you would have to write a short description about yourself what would you write?
Old rocker.

What is the most memorable memory you have?
Shaking Bill Haley's hand!

What do you think about having three Nervous Bands performing at BopaLena?

Marvellous! It's almost like a 'Nervous Party'!

For the Girls:
I have seen an old picture of you, wearing a Vivienne Westwood  'Gene Vincent' T-Shirt
when and were did you get it? And can i have it
? :D
I used to be quite 'pally' with Malcolm McLaren when he started up his shop. Initially, it was all about rock'n'roll and he used to put flyers in his shop window advertising our gigs. He gave me that t-shirt and I wore it until it was REALLY smelly, because I knew when it was washed that all the glitter would come off. And it did. Blame Linda. So it's gone, now.... I never really had the biceps for it....


What is your all time favourite song?

Impossible! However, one which always 'gets me going' is 'Stranger than fiction' by Bob Luman. The guitar sounds like someone throwing a stone through a window!

How important is clothing for you? As we all know the Teds like their drapes and drain
pipes! What is your favorite piece?
I like my new leather jacket. Plus, I've always liked black cavalry twill trousers with two inch turn ups and raised side seams. I used to have a pair as a schoolboy,
and I still have them made like that! I still have the first tailor-made drape jacket (blue with black velvet) I bought in 1963..... My probation officer
thought that it was an 'improvement' on my studded leather jacket!Something different! I might even play some records in between all the verbal nonsense. I have other personas that must be kept under control

1. Kaptain Zorch
2. Clyde Ankel
3. John Cameron Cameron Jnr.

If any one of them escapes, it could be disastrous!

Thank you very much Roy
My pleasure. To talk about oneself is indeed a great pleasure!

So Last Question, why do you think, should people come to BopaLena? :)
For a bloody good time.

So they can listen to me saying standing on stage saying:

Morituri te salutent


Real gone,

Roy Williams

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